Password Reset

How to reset your CVBC website password

If you have never logged into the CVBC website or you forgot your password, just follow these simple instructions to get a new password emailed to you.

Some things to remember..  If you don’t receive your new password in an email, then check your spam folder.  If you can’t find it there, then let Eric Caldwell know next time you see him or just give him a call at (501)351-0411.

The system can have only one email address per user name which is simply your First and Last name (e.g. Eric Caldwell).  The email addresses we are using comes from the CVBC directory which Tonya sends out.  If a household shares an email address in the directory, then only one login name will be in the system.  If you need more than one, just let Eric know.

To get a new password, click the Forgot your password? link on the bar above.  On the next screen, click the Lost Password box. That will show two boxes you need to fill out. Now input your user name (First and Last name) and your email address from the CVBC directory then click the Send buttom.

You will receive a new email from the system with your new password.  If you want to change that password, click the My Profile link under the User Menu.  That will take you to your CVBC profile page. To change any information on this page, move your mouse over the Edit button and click Update Your Profile.  In here, you can upload a picture of yourself, change your password, input your mailing address phone numbers, etc.

This information is only visible to CVBC members who are logged into the site so don’t worry.  If you need more help, just watch the video below by clicking the Play button.